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  • Integrated search with Yahoo,Google and Wikipedia
  • Downloading videos from Youtube in single click

Editorial review

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Pedro Castro Senior editor

CometBird is not just another web browser. It has characteristics that make it outstand among similar applications. The similarities between this program and Mozilla Firefox are apparently not confined to their visual appearance because these programs also seem to be based on the same engine.
Thus, CometBird inherits the stability and speed that has been made Firefox a favorite among users. In addition, Firefox users can easily switch to CometBird without having to learn anything new.

The browser is very lightweight. Moreover, taking into account that speed is a critical aspect when you are browsing the web, the claim that CometBird is even faster than Mozilla is really something to consider. Just like Mozilla, CometBird supports add-ons. Moreover, there is one that seems to have been specially designed for this browser, called UI enhancement. This extension expands CometBird’s functionalities by allowing you to create tab groups (like in Opera) and translate words or whole pages (like in Chrome). In addition, it lets you use colors to identify tabs and create notes about webpages. Perhaps the most publicized of this browser’s characteristics is that it can synchronize bookmarks by keeping an online record of them. Regarding this function, its developers claim that, unlike Chrome, which has been accused of violating their users’ privacy by requesting too much information about them, CometBird does not upload any sensitive information.

CometBird provides really powerful download features. Besides having the built-in download manager that is also present in Firefox, CometBird can download multiple types of online multimedia contents without the need to install any extension.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It supports add-ons.
  • It can synchronize booksmarks online.
  • It can download multimedia content.
  • It has a built-in download manager.
  • It is very fast.


  • It is too visually similar to Mozilla Firefox.
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    scott 2 years ago

    Cometbird is just fast as Firefox, uses the same add-ons as Firefox. Cool thing about Cometbird is that it comes with its own video downloader embedded in the browser. Just wish they would update the browser more often. The browser has not had an update since April 2012, so a lot of new Firefox add-ons might not work.

  • 0
    mal 4 years ago
    — Who wrote that?
    Pros: Fast screenloads
    Cons: Not very different to FireFox

    Downloaded Cometbird to see if the reviews here were fact. Unfortunately the review must have been written years ago as I find very little difference between Cometbird and FireFox 10. That's not to say its not up there with the best browser in the business but I find little or no difference. CB uses FireFox's add ons, personas and pretty near anything else. The FF support base would be better but I think it also could be used for CB.

  • 0
    aasim 4 years ago

    very nice

All comments (9)

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